Slogger Runs

Find out more about our regular runs below. All ages / abilities always welcomed. We only go at the pace of the slowest slogger in the group, looping back if needed. All runners must accept focus is on fun, and participation is at your own risk. There is no safety back up, no first aiders etc so any casuals thinking of running out with us please bear this in mind. With the formalities done, why not have a peruse and choose ? Hope to see you on one of our runs / meet ups !


The great escape. Embrace the wilderness & enjoy the freedom, peace and tranquility up on St Boniface downs. Become energised as you stride along in the breeze. Admire the views - arguably the finest on the island - simply because you can’t go higher. Continue the adventure along the trails - you may be lucky and encounter the curiousity of the goats and cows which roam freely.

Ventnor F ell running Isle of Wight
Ventnor Social Runs Isle of Wight
Ventnor Cross country Isle of Wight


Be a salty sea dog. It’s a Shanklin to Sandown dash & back again along the revetment. Super speedy if you wish as it’s hard & and flat as a cheeseboard. Or maybe opt for a more leisurely affair just to enjoy each others company. Whatever you choose , enjoy an invigorating sea side experience with a nice refreshing breeze and a cheeky splash if surfs up on the day!

Isle of Wight Running Shanklin Sandown
Isle of Wight Runs Shanklin Sandown
Isle of Wight Joggers Shanklin Sandown

Wednesday Wiggle

Fancy a hill or two ? Some gruelling climbs and steep descents await in amongst this enhanting run. Venture into Bonchurch visiting its fabled old church & picturesque pond. Loop back into the elegance that is Ventnor Park And why not reward yourself with a refreshing craft beer after in the Ventnor Exchange?  Don’t miss the opportunity to do the legendary "wiggle" by the Rex restaurant, as for some, thats the best part.

Ventnor Sloggers Running Club Isle of Wight
Ventnor Sloggers Running Club Bonchurch Isle of Wight
Ventnor Sloggers Jogging Road Running Isle of Wight

Friday Five 

Probably the sloggers favourite. It may have you coming back. Twists and turns around some of Ventnors treasured locales such as steep hill cove, the subtropical ventnor botanical gardens and the old railway line. A delightful run which has it all - but why not top it off afterwards with an expresso & cake at tonis and maybe a seasonal dip in the sea - but surely only for the brave?

Ventnor Sloggers Steephill Cove Running Isle of Wight
Ventnor Sloggers Road Running Isle of Wight
Ventnor Esplanade Runners Isle of Wight