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Welcome to our mini slogger site and thank you for visiting . We are a relaxed & sociable bunch of novice runners in the main with one or two seasoned pros. We enjoy nothing more than pottering around our lovely hometown of Ventnor on the Isle of Wight on a run together. We also like to organise the odd running themed event to help raise money for local charities. Besides that we enjoy the occasional social meet ups. This is an Isle of Wight running group where the emphasis is on "more fun & less run ! “. 

We have no club, committee, membership or fees - we’d struggle to manage all that - so it’s just turn up and go. See more in slogger runs page

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A bit about Ventnor...

So a bit about Ventnor. Undisputedly one of the islands gems - steeped in history, a warm & sunny microclimate, verdant & lush landscapes, steep hills, beaches and coves, landslips, a vintage vibe, excellent foodie options, boutique hotels, a vibrant arts / cultural scene so all you would want really - which is why it’s a popular tourist destination & a desirable place to live. Our runs take in the very best of Ventnor why not go the whole slogger hog and do all 4 in one week? 

Ventnor Runnning Jogging Seafront

Come join us for a run !

We warmly welcome in visitors of all ages & abilities to join us on any of our runs - you can be assured one of us will welcome you in and introduce you to the group. You’d be accompanied in the run with the reassurance that “no slogger will get left behind!” . We sometimes convene for coffee or a pint after depending on the day. We are a small group of individuals - although we have a facebook membership of around 300, the number of active runners is far less !. We usually get a handful of sloggers turn up on one of our regular runs rain or shine, never a no show. Turn outs can be more plentiful for themed runs and other slogger specials like the 5K handicap pictured below - so well done sloggers ! 

5K Handicap running group Ventnor Isle of Wight

Our regular runs..

St Boniface Downs Running Ventnor Isle of Wight


Running Groups Shanklin Sandown Isle of Wight

Shakedown 5K

Running Group Ventnor Seafront Isle of Wight

Wiggle 5K

Running Group Ventnor Seafront Isle of Wight

Friday5 5K

Couch to 5K

We would recommend the c25k programme for complete novices who are new to running. We have successfully brought in a number of newcomers in this way. Depending on our availability one of us would like to welcome you in and support you on your running journey. Please see our facebook page for more on this. 

Contact us!

Please feel free to reach out on info@ventnorsloggers.co.uk if you have any queries or wish to join us on a run. Please note the email mailbox is not monitored but we'll try and respond within a week. Alternatively see our facebook page where you can find out more.